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Turing Machine

A Turing machine (TM) is a tuple \(M=(Q, \Sigma, \delta)\) where \(Q\) is a finite set of states, containing a start state \(q_0\), an accepting state \(q_{y}\), and a rejecting state \(q_{n}\). The states \(q_{y}\) and \(q_{n}\) are distinct. \(\Sigma\)

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String StartsWith and EndsWith in JavaScript

The following are a simple implementation checking whether a string starts with a prefix or ends with a suffix in JavaScript. Here we use indexOf() method of JavaScript String object. Syntax: string.indexOf(search, start) Parameters: search is the string to search

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Update Two Tables with Joins in MySQL

Here we show an example of updating two table at the same time using joins. Suppose we have two tables: lookup which holds information on a person, and activity which holds certain activities happening on a person. Imagine that lookup

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Find Median of Two Sorted Arrays

The question is to find the median of two sorted arrays of numbers. Write an algorithm running in O(log n) time. The median of a list of numbers is the middle one when the list is sorted. When the list

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