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JavaScript: A Tutorial

JavaScript is a programming language typically implemented in web browsers to allow user interactions with the web page. In the HTML/CSS/JavaScript combination, HTML markups the content of a web page, CSS styles the presentation, and JavaScript controls the behavior. Some

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Web User Interfaces

Currently, web user interfaces mainly use three technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They take care of the structure, presentation and behavior of web pages. A web user interface can be decomposed into three parts: structure, what are the contents and

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Lovasz Local Lemma

The probabilistic method is a non-constructive way of proving the existence of an object having certain property. The argument usually goes as follows: a randomly selected object has the desired property with probability strictly positive, thus there must exist an

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Web Information System

A web information system uses (1) the web browser to deliver services, (2) the web server to process requests, and (3) the Internet to communicate between clients and servers. Such a system is built on top of other software systems:

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