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Interfaces in Java

An interface in Java represents an abstract type; it is a collection of abstract methods and constants. All methods in an interface are abstract, and thus they have only signatures. All variables in an interface are implicitly final and static,

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k-wise Independence and Linear Code

A collection of random variables is k-wise independent if any k variables are mutually independent. Consider a distribution \(D\) on \(n\) bits. It is k-wise independent and uniform if for any \(S\subseteq [n]\) of size k, for any \(a\in\{0,1\}^k\), \[

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Unix Zip/Unzip Command

UNIX/Linux provides zip/unzip commands to compress/decompress files. zip – Package and compress (archive) files. unzip – Extract and list compressed files in a ZIP archive. Create a Zip File Create a zip file from a list of files. Compress all

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