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Unix Zip/Unzip Command

UNIX/Linux provides zip/unzip commands to compress/decompress files. zip – Package and compress (archive) files. unzip – Extract and list compressed files in a ZIP archive. Create a Zip File Create a zip file from a list of files. Compress all

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DNF Counting and the Monte Carlo Method

A DNF formula is a disjunction (OR) of clauses; a clause is a conjunction (AND) of literals; a literal is a variable or its negation. For example, \[ (x_1 \wedge x_2 \wedge \overline{x_3}) \vee (x_1 \wedge \overline{x_4}) \vee (x_3 \wedge

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Distance calculation in Matlab

Here is a c/mex implementation for computing pairwise distances and similarities: pwmetric (by Dahua Lin). Details can be found at here.

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