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Compare Strings in Java

The String class provides a method equals() to compare string values. The double equal sign == only compares the references, not the values. Here “a” and “b” are pointing to two different String objects. The equals() method will check the

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Top 10 Java People in History

Here are the top 10 Java people you should know. They have built new languages, frameworks, products, or books that are largely adored by the Java community. 1. James Gosling: Father of Java James Gosling (born May 19, 1955) is

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Explore Twitter’s Social Network

Twitter’s social network is a directed graph structure, where each user follows some other users. Here we consider two tasks: Random walk: Starting from one user, find a random friend, and continue … Common friends: Find common friends of two

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Store Locator using Java

We would like to write a program to find the closest store to an input address. The program is provided with a list of locations; it asks for an input address, and then outputs the closet store location. The dataset

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