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Find Median of Two Sorted Arrays

The question is to find the median of two sorted arrays of numbers. Write an algorithm running in O(log n) time. The median of a list of numbers is the middle one when the list is sorted. When the list

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Big Oh Notation

Big Oh notation describes the limiting behavior of a function \(f(n)\) when its argument approaches infinity. Let \(f,g\) be two functions on positive numbers. We write \(f = O(g)\) if there exists \(c>0\) such that \(f(n)\leq c \cdot g(n)\) for

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Print All Permutations of Sets

A permutation of a set is an arrangement of the elements in a particular order. For example, there are two permutations of {1,2}, namely {1,2} and {2,1}, and 6 permutations of {1,2,3}, namely {1,2,3}, {1,3,2}, {2,1,3}, {2,3,1}, {3,1,2}, and {3,2,1}.

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Array Circular Shift

The problem is to rotate elements in an array in a circular way. For example, shifting the array {38, 27, 43, 3, 9, 82, 10} 3 positions to the left produces {3, 9, 82, 10, 38, 27, 43} Using a

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